Though we bleed Magenta, we continue to grow our efforts to GO GREEN. With our fast-paced growth we have faced challenges, but we don’t sit around and make excuses - we strive for bright ideas to help us evolve. T-Mobile is looking for ways for us to make positive changes and create a more efficient workplace.

As the Un-Carrier, we challenge you to come out, alongside your friends and peers, and help us to create and build a better place to work. You’ll have the opportunity to use IoT technology, smart city solutions, and any other ideas that may come to mind. Be bold and be creative; we’d like to see where your imagination can take us.

We are excited to partner with Sauce Labs and Twilio in order to make this event happen. Come hack the night away, and have a great time, regardless of your background or experience level. Whether you’re into business, data, or design, we want you to come learn something new, and lend your own creative energy to making amazing things. At the end of the day, the ideas that change what we see tomorrow come from all of us.


Participants must not be T-Mobile employees.

Max members per team: 5


Your submission must include a title, image, and description of at least one or two sentences. You do not have to link us to your code. You also must have all team members on your Devpost submission in the event you win a prize. 

If you need help submitting to T-Mobile IoTHack here is a link to help guide you through the process.

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$14,000 in prizes

1st Place

$4,000 split between team members. Each person on winning team will receive a T-Mobile Phone of their choice.

2nd place

$2,000 for the team to split and share & wireless speakers.


$1,000 for the team to split and share & accessories

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Darcey Estes

Darcey Estes
Vice President, Corporate Real Estate & Facilities T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis
Vice President, Digital Development T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter
Vice President, Technology Strategy Implementation T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Judging Criteria

  • Use of Technology
    Did the team integrate technology into their solution?
  • Functionality
    Was a working, functional prototype demonstrated? How well does the solution perform and meet the purpose described?
  • Scalability
    Does this solution have the potential to have an impact at scale, globally?
  • Creativity
    How creative was the team in developing a unique and innovative solution for the challenge?
  • Design & Usability
    Rate the UX/UI, functionality and ease of use of the solution.

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